Bacon Cups?!


In my house, we LOVE bacon.

And I must say, the only way I get my husband to eat a nice, big salad for dinner is if I promise there will be bacon on it. When we do Make-Your-Own-Salad nights, I limit him to two slices (I don’t want to clog ALL of his arteries…just a couple! LOL.). If it weren’t for those two slices, I would have never been able to convince him of our Thursday salad nights!

Every so often, there comes a special occasion on salad night. A sale on shredded beef will make it a salad/taco night. On his birthday week, he usually convinces me to cook him more bacon. I know, it sounds extremely nerdy, but it keeps him looking forward to salad. Haha. This week will have a special treat on salad night in celebration of the New Year…bacon salad bowls!

These awesome bacon bowls are cooked on an upside-down muffin tin. Who would have thought?! I love the finished look to these – they look so expensive! I can’t wait to serve them! I think they would go great with just about anything… I can even see them used as a muffin wrapper for a nice, plump chocolate cupcake oozing with frosting and topped with bacon bits! But I will try to keep them “healthy” and serve them with boring ol’ lettuce…or will I…?

If you want to get extreme, how about this tasty looking bacon salad with strawberries?! Bacon salad in a bacon cup…Yes Please! My husband will never go for his weekly 2 strips again after this meal ;)


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