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Bacon Cups?!

advertisement In my house, we LOVE bacon. And I must say, the only way I get my husband to eat a nice, big salad for dinner is if I promise there will be bacon on it. When we do Make-Your-Own-Salad nights, I limit him to two slices (I don’t want to clog ALL of his […]

Beautiful Roasted Potatoes.

I love potatoes. I sometimes wonder if my body is lacking in a certain nutrient…I have heard that you crave what your body is missing and I am constantly craving potatoes! I just don’t know what is in a potato that I would be lacking? Let me know if you do Potatoes are delicious in […]

Not Quite Egg Rolls!

Like most of you out there, I have heard of Eggrolls and Spring Rolls. I have also heard there are other foods out there that you can make with the wrappers. But I have never even considered creating a roll with ingredients other than your typical Asian roll. If you have, then you are Way […]